Can an Agreement Between a Council and Landowner Affect Your Plans to Buy a Piece of Land?

26 June 2018
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Did you know that a local council can sometimes have a direct say in how a particular piece of private land can be improved? You may understand that set rules and regulations already dictate how the community is developed from a planning permission perspective, but this is something entirely different. If you're looking to buy a plot of land, how could this affect you? Section 173 In the state of Victoria, for example, a section 173 agreement may be in place. Read More 

The Different Ways You Can Live in a Retirement Village: What You Need to Know

1 March 2018
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It can sound like a contradiction to suggest that you don't live in a retirement village as you would live in another type of dwelling. Physically, of course you will live just as you would in any other place. Legally, it can be a different story. When you decide to move to a retirement village, your residency in the property can differ from a traditional type of occupation—namely when you own or rent a home. Read More 

Strata Titled Properties and Conveyancing: Why It Can Be Wise to Use a Specialist

30 March 2017
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When you're looking at purchasing a strata titled property, there are a number of things you would know to consider. Does the property come with any draconian bylaws that might impact your decision? It might be that you wanted the property to generate income as a holiday rental, which might simply be prohibited. Or it might be that your dog will not be welcome at the property. There are other key issues regarding the purchase of a strata titled property, and this can be uncovered by your conveyancing professional. Read More 

Selling Your Boutique Advertising Agency in Australia? 3 Sharp Guidelines To Maximise Sales Price

5 October 2016
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It's no secret that mergers and acquisitions are part of the communications industry. Large firms typically buy out smaller firms in the hopes of reaching out to more local clients and reducing levels of competition in the industry. If you think that this is the right time to sell your boutique advertising agency in Australia, follow these guidelines to maximise your sales price. Value The Worth Of Your Ad Firm Read More 

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Intellectual Property Law

23 February 2016
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Intellectual property usually refers to a person's ideas as expressed in their writing, artwork, music, and other creations. There are laws in place for protecting the person who created those things as their owner, even though things like a story or song are not tangible products like a car or home. These laws give the owner the right to control the use of their creation, but note that intellectual property law is still a bit different than other areas of law. Read More