Importance of Public Liability Insurance to Small Businesses

12 July 2019
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If you run a business venture, then interaction with members of the public is inevitable, making it highly appropriate to invest in a public liability policy. As a subset of the broader construction insurance that covers claims from third parties, public liability insurance covers you from accidents to damage to property or accidental death that may arise from interaction with your business. Outlined below are the important benefits of the policy to your business.

Protection against Financial Loss

Clients visiting your premises they may get injured from accidents involving slippery floors, elevator breakdowns or even accidental fires. This can lead to lawsuits and heavy compensation claims against your business. In the event that you are not covered against public liability, the legal fees used to hire a lawyer to defend the business are high and small businesses, in particular, may have a harder time recovering from the financial strain. 

Protection against Reputational Damage

Accidents that occur in business premises pose a great reputational risk to a brand. Clients are much more likely to feel safe in the event of an accident with the knowledge that you have an insurance provider who will take care of the liability claims. In addition, it shows a level of preparedness, helping you retain your brand reputation. Otherwise, the business risks losing the public's confidence and might, in turn, lose the business altogether.

Protection for Clients

Running a small business means that you have a legal and moral obligation to protect your clients from harm when transacting with them. Apart from covering your business from financial loss, public liability insurance protects your clients in the event that an accident occurs and they sustain an injury or loss of property. 

Protection against Inevitable Accidents

Although it may be possible to establish as many safety procedures and plans to eliminate them, accidents are inevitable, making it necessary to have a fall-back plan, especially when dealing with third parties. This not only covers your business from loss but also protects your clients and members of the public from any unforeseen accidents in your business establishment. 

While it may not be mandatory to take up most types of construction insurance, public liability insurance stands out as one of the most crucial types of insurance that should not be overlooked. In the event of a lawsuit against your business, you can be assured that the insurance team will act in your best interest and save you the trouble involved with a liability claim. For more information, contact a local lawyer.