Can an Agreement Between a Council and Landowner Affect Your Plans to Buy a Piece of Land?

26 June 2018
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Did you know that a local council can sometimes have a direct say in how a particular piece of private land can be improved? You may understand that set rules and regulations already dictate how the community is developed from a planning permission perspective, but this is something entirely different. If you're looking to buy a plot of land, how could this affect you? Section 173 In the state of Victoria, for example, a section 173 agreement may be in place. Read More 

The Different Ways You Can Live in a Retirement Village: What You Need to Know

1 March 2018
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It can sound like a contradiction to suggest that you don't live in a retirement village as you would live in another type of dwelling. Physically, of course you will live just as you would in any other place. Legally, it can be a different story. When you decide to move to a retirement village, your residency in the property can differ from a traditional type of occupation—namely when you own or rent a home. Read More